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This section contains learning resources for undergraduate and post graduate students.

Anatomy & Physiology OVERVIEW: You probably have a general understanding of how your body works. But do you fully comprehend how all of the intricate functions and systems of the human body work together to keep you healthy? This course will provide that insight. By approaching the study of the body...
Antibiotic resistance causing genes - Traceback In what could be compared to finding patient zero in an outbreak, researchers have traced genes for antibiotic resistance back to their source. With an increasing variety of pathogenic bacteria evolving to protect themselves against our best chemical weapons, finding the origins of their key...
What is Microbiology? Microbiology is the study of small living things. Generally this means living things that are too small to see without the use of a microscope. These life forms are called microorganisms or microbes. Microorganisms include bacteria, archaea (a type of prokaryote a bit like bacteria but they...
Ever wonder how is the day of Microbiologist? Check out the video.
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