There are very few books that defines scopes and careers in Microbiology but the recent addition to the list is

Courses and Careers in Microbiology authored by Roonal Kataria and Renu Jaisinghani

is one of the very fine book depicting many ways of careers in Microbiology. It is a guide for students pursuing Microbiology.

The book aims to provide informative and useful details a Microbiology student would want to know at all career stages. It will give them knowledge about complete range of courses available in India and Career options in India and Abroad. There are also resources and links to external sites to help guide students towards their career goals.

Below is the cover page of the book.

The book is available on Amazon India. You can buy it using below button.

Check out the content of the Book below.

The book is also available at publisher house at below link.

To download contents and preface of the book click below.

This post is written by Prof Kamlesh Kurankar with prior permission of authors of the book.

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